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Family Cycling
Family Cycling

Specially designed for active families, this tour combines light cycling between attractions with a variety of excursions and family activities. With picnics, fruit picking, bonfire nights, walks and diverse cultural activities we will make sure that every member of the family is having a great time on their own terms!

Leisure Cycling

Designed for travellers that want to have a relaxing holiday which also packs exercise and excitement, this tour has plenty to offer! Cycling between 10 to 40 km a day, you can unwind for the rest of the day with wine and food tasting, spa treatments and diverse cultural activities. Don’t forget you have 10 excursions to choose from to spice your holiday up! 


Mountain Biking

Packed with plenty of adrenaline to keep you busy throughout your trip, this tour is designed to take the hidden trails of the Carpathian mountains to another level! Made for off-road enthusiasts, this tour will take you to landscapes and peaks exceeding 1500 m. altitude with the luxury of traditional food and exciting activities on the way. 

Road Cycling
Road Cycling

Romania is famously known for its’ spectacular roads. We have a range of picturesque roads meant to make you absorb the Transylvanian culture to monstrous climbs that reach 2100 m. altitude like Transfagarasanu or Transaplina. If you are eager to conquer the highest peaks of Romania and to be the “King of Romanian”, take our road cycling challenge and you won’t be disappointed!                                                  


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Velo Holidays is a Cycling holiday-maker operating in Romania. At Velo Holidays, we provide all-inclusive tours with over 10 excursions to choose from.   Find out more

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